I've gone through this course. You can read about experience here.

This page is those who hesitates to enroll in ASM course and I will try to change your mind using my own story.


My name is Pavel Kotlykov. I’m 27 years old. I spend my days in Toronto, Canada. I used to work as a Civil Engineer in a small construction company.

After graduating from ASM program and visiting their live event in Las Vegas the only thing I had to do is to put myself together and follow the system (I know, that sounds trivial but that’s 100% true).

I quit my job month ago only when I substituted my full-time income with income from selling my own product on Amazon.

I’m feeling better than ever in my whole life right now and I desire other people to find out about Amazing Selling Machine. That’s why I decided to review this course.

Meantime, I love growing my own sustainable business based on model which Amazing Selling Machine provided to all of us and by us I mean 5000+ students only from ASM3.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make
Proved by thousands of people including myself
I've gone through this course. After 6 months I have my sustainable business.
You will learn how to create your own brand that will separate you from the crowd. You will be building something that not going to fade away in a short period of time. You will be building your future using the most advanced training ever created online.
Amazing Selling Machine Review

My own experience (review) of Amazing Selling Machine

Course Info

Course by itself is 8-week program divided by 8 modules. Each module dedicated to certain step in ASM business model.

I call it business model because you’re not building overnight-success-type-gig but fully sustainable system.

Let me see

This time is the last one when Amazing Selling Machine opens it’s doors to new members. It’s usually 6 month since last time and we can say for sure that after ASM4 there will be no such course at all.

The one big reason why ASM opens doors only for short period of time is that all available spaces fill up immediately so they can start the program and deliver maximum results to the members who have enrolled.

Everybody will get full attention from creators of the course (Matt & Jason) and huge team of Mentors. That’s not including people who are in charge for technical part of the course and ready to help anytime.
This is how an ASM Launch works…

How ASM launch works?

2 weeks before launch will be fueled by the series of videos (free of course) that designed to present the course from insight and give you full understanding of what’s going to happen.

The cost of the course normally announced at the end of the video series and registration time opens right after last video.

You will be able to choose from two different payment options: one-time payment or series of payments separated by the certain period of time. You will be backed by the 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

They’re so much confident on their course and there is a endless number of success stories to prove it. It doesn’t matters what type of payment you will choose.

Registration period lasts for 1 week only until all spots are taken.

How to register?

Click here to access the launch videos or scroll down this page to see the links to the whole series of videos.

You can access the registration form only via link under the last video which you can find at the bottom of this page as I said before.

This is list of modules and their descriptions:

Module 1: Getting Setup to Sell from Anywhere in the World
Module 2: Picking Your Profit-Making Product
Module 3: Choosing Your High-Margin Supplier
Module 4: Creating Your Irresistible Amazon Product Listing Page
Module 5: Launching Your Product to the TOP of Amazon
Module 5 teaches you the Listing Launch Formula and shows you how to
Module 6: Sky-Rocketing Your Amazon Sales
Module 7 & 8: Rapid Automation & Scaling for Your ENTIRE Business

Everything is inside of one dashboard panel where you will find:

  • Calendar
  • Modules (+coaching calls each week)
  • Community
  • Tools
  • Announcements

Every time you log in you will be guided what is going on right now and what to do next to follow the system.

However, there is absolutely no problem if you’re late and not following the modules when they occur. Catching up from wherever you stopped is one the best advantages that course provide.

As you work through the course you earn “badges” which indicate that you finished certain part of your step-by-step system. Badges are earned by proving that you have done what needed or implemented certain tactic.

There is no way you can go further through the course without earning those badges.

My Story

I’ve enrolled in ASM course in April 2014.

ASM3 was the third 8-week course that Amazing Academy presented.

On October 6, 2014 they are going to present ASM4 and it’s going to be the LAST one.

Show me more

As any other “not-rich” individual I was searching for any real reviews from people who went through the course and I didn’t find a single one. So, full of excitement, I believed Matt & Jason, who are creators of this course.

I borrowed money from 7 different people and chose their monthly payment option instead of one-time payment.

Everything inside the dashboard was easy to understand even when you see it first time. You can find out more in “General Course Info” section.

First thing that I saw was calendar showing start dates of each modules and scheduled coaching calls.

We had a week before course started when we were advised to introduce each other on the community forums.

Instantly I found several people from Toronto, Ontario where I live. We shared our excitement and contact information. We have grown in mastermind group later working and motivating each other along the way.

When the course started I was full of energy and ready to shift any mountains that will be standing in front of me on my way to dominate the Amazon.

Photo & Video
ASM Live Event

That was one of the best experiences in my whole life.

3000+ people gather together under the roof of one of the best hotels in Las Vegas (Venetian).

All of us was starving to get more and more unspoken information from the leaders and experts in different areas, including Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad Poor Dad”).

After 3 full days of hurricane of tips and strategies that related to what we all were doing throughout the course I met hundreds like-minded people.

This will be held at approximately the 2 to 3 month after the start of the Amazing Selling Machine course.

You have the option of either attending the event live, watching the Live stream of the event from the comfort of your own home, or waiting for the videos to be published so you can watch them back at your leisure.

They bring a professional production company in to do the live stream and video production so it’s pretty impressive and high quality – more like a TV show being filmed!


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