The best tricks and tips for Super Mario Run!

super mario run for iphone

After the expected exit to the App Store of which promises to be the star game of this Christmas, Super Mario Run does not stop hooking each and every one of the fans of the saga of this peculiar plumber, and already count by millions the players Which have been downloaded and played avidly to the addictive game. However, there is nothing like knowing some tricks to make the game much more entertaining. So today we bring you the best tips and tricks for super mario run unlock all levels, do not miss it !

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Collect all coins (worth it)

It seems a no-brainer, one of the biggest goals of the game is to defeat Browser. However, many of us forget that the coins are there and that is something. This is even clearer in the case of roses coins, which although may seem hard to come by but if we get them all in the same game, we unlock the purple coins, and then the black coins, all new obstacles to To reach them.

Defeat them all

What a nuisance the Goomba are, always bothering. However, many times we prefer to pass by before we stop to fall on them. What many do not know – and change our way of verlos- is that if we beat 200 Goombas, we give a coin for each that smash thereafter.

How to Beat the Bosses

Have you stood in front of a boss and do not know how to defeat him? With a very easy trick we can beat him. We have two options: going under him or jumping over . In either case, it will be much easier if we have grown before a superchampiñón, just in case we have a run -in with the boss on duty.

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Sign Up on My Nintendo

Like all games of the franchise, Super Mario Run is also connected to My Nintendo, which all those who have played any of the games in the series may have an account. When, at last , it has come to give use to that account, and that only with checking with My Nintendo unlock Toad . In addition, if you have accumulated platinum points, it is time to spend them being able to buy coins or tickets for the Races mode with them.

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