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iluya: Sagt mal bin ich der einzige bei dem Pokerstars das varianzreichste ist was es gibt? Auf die letzten 25k Hands mit AA KK AK QQ AQ AJ. Ich habe also die öffentlich zugängliche Datenbank (Link siehe vorheriger Beitrag zu PokerStars ist rigged) genommen und alle Fälle aussortiert, bei denen KK All. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft. Pokerspieler-Profil, Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. All: Als etablierter Branchenführer ist die Integrität unseres Casinos von höchster Wichtigkeit für uns und wir würden unseren guten Ruf niemals aufs Spiel setzen.

Pokerstars Rigged

Als etablierter Branchenführer ist die Integrität unseres Casinos von höchster Wichtigkeit für uns und wir würden unseren guten Ruf niemals aufs Spiel setzen. Pokerspieler-Profil, Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. All: iluya: Sagt mal bin ich der einzige bei dem Pokerstars das varianzreichste ist was es gibt? Auf die letzten 25k Hands mit AA KK AK QQ AQ AJ.

Where is the summary of your analysis in statistical form? Two threads merged and moved to bad beats. Please post any variance or bad beat related topics in the bad beat forum going forward.

Constructive comment, 36k hands is nothing, should be easy to get your hands on over 1 million "random" hands.

Less constructive, but reality based comments. I am not sure why the DOJ would care about this considering PokerStars isn't operating there, but I would hope that this biased study on a small sample size wouldn't sway them anyway.

This is another tin foil hat thread with no evidence being posted even in this tiny sample size. Love the bias in your OP despite the fact you insist on being unbiased.

It's perfectly acceptable to not post who is involved until the study is complete. Most people aren't even announcing stuff like this before the study is complete.

I had regged a few SCOOP events for tonight but after reading through the findings of your rigorous experiment I snap unregged.

I didn't see Player X in the lobby but couldn't take the chance because those sneaky Eastern Europeans like to late-reg. That's the point.

If you're going to announce something as fact and then not provide any substantive evidence or provide the authors who might lend credibility if legitimate , then you shouldn't be making the post to begin with.

You want to hear a strange occurrence? I think not. Weird, eh? My findings astounded me. Strange betting patterns and unbelievable plays, yet he was somehow still winning pots.

AND he was able to speak perfect English and use the correct dialect, as I purposely engaged him in conversation. Just my 5 pence wurth ; I sincerely suggest that if house bots on are on the normal schedule whos the top mtt players playing all the time on the same tournaments.

I would like to think I actually could play all these suckers live ,its just a shame I blew my whole entire roll at highstakes plo and and mentally ill due to my 8 year losing run at onliner poker.

I used to own my casino ,even those pesky cameras never worked i got a good few tricks for them things these days.

Pokerstars privacy policy needs amended for not sending out spam on thier webpages and domain.

Its a shame english french and german are the only languages i kinda know about. GO play live if you want a real game.

The problem: How to get people hooked on to the site, to keep them depositing more and more money, and generate more rake?

Solution: Action flops, manipulated RNG so that it is able to generate 5 random results until the one it needs, as they themselves write in their terms and conditions that results of rng can be neglected for 5 times, this is a good way to manipulate.

Technological solution: Profile the players, the regular sharks need to be controlled otherwise they will devour the beginners, so deliver bad beats to them so that they get in line with the skill of a novice.

Make novice's win to retain them, keep tilting sharks, so they keep com. How to protect over selves? Hide in countries without government regulation where you can buy the government like gibraltar, keep source code secret, get audits done from bought auditors.

I have played years and years on this site, and can vouch that it follows the full tilt approach and is minting money by hooking unsuspecting fishes, it is making at least a ten thousand dollars of profit a day.

If they were not to adopt these shady practices their site traffic would not peak at but would be about If they were not to do this then their day profit would not become usd but remain that their monthly profit.

And believe me they can delete all the technological traces in split seconds, they will leave no trace of their wrongdoings.

Even if any player sees in his own hand histories who thinks that he is not getting the right no. The online world is rigged of scams, bitcoin scam, poker scam, and it is so easy to scam, every poker site online is rigged.

Because that way people get tilted and would deposit more and more. They can steal from unsuspecting people.

Money stolen is twice as sweet as money earned anyways. So all you people who rant about bad beats on online poker recognize that it's all a scam.

If you were to play for 4 days a month you would not notice it and probably you would be on tilt exclusion list, but if you were to play daily and jump around different games and stakes you would defenitely experience tilt and too many bad beats.

Did we really need this thread by someone with no proof of anything when there is plenty of evidence that PokerStars is legit?

On April 20, the pokerstars. The corporate is situated within the Isle of Man and purchased a European Union playing license via Malta.

Essentially the most regarding query about PokerStars is whether or not the service is rigged. PokerStars spends some huge cash on its sponsorships, and it behooves the model to have these skilled gamers achieve success.

Due to this fact, PokerStars has motivation, and the corporate has chosen to disregard relatively than dispute the video proof.

Remember the fact that PokerStars has no incentive to rig poker video games outdoors of sponsored play. The revenues that PokerStars earns is predicated on the whole pot regardless of who wins it.

As well as, VIP rewards are earned based mostly on the quantity staked not the quantity gained or misplaced.

For some, this knowledge was proof that PokerStars was rigging commonplace video games or no less than that the supplier mechanism was not random.

PokerStars did react to this story by offering these research with extra complete knowledge units to work with. In doing so, PokerStars breached the privateness contract with its gamers.

A a lot greater concern of whether or not PokerStars video games are rigged is whether or not the corporate is definitely dishonest gamers out of winnings.

A fast search on-line will reveal a pointy improve within the final a number of years of gamers making complaints about having their accounts seized, bankrolls decreased when making a withdrawal, withdrawals refused, bonuses voided for no purpose and so forth.

PokerStars turns a revenue on each real-money participant regardless of how a lot she or he wins. Full Tilt Poker had rampant dishonest going — and this can be a reality.

To at the present time, numerous gamers and enterprise companions are owed cash from Full Tilt.

One other level of concern for poker gamers contemplating PokerStars is that the corporate has by no means obtained accreditation from the Higher Enterprise Bureau.

The BBB does observe worldwide corporations, nonetheless, and though it has not accredited or rated PokerStars, it does have a file for the corporate in almost each state.

There are a major variety of complaints on file, and we urge everybody to test with their native BBB to contemplate native experiences with the PokerStars model.

Essentially the most egregious act destroying any remaining goodwill PokerStars could have had got here very just lately.

On Could 1, , PokerStars despatched an e mail to its on-line advertising companions drastically altering the phrases of their agreements, inflicting important harm to all of their Web companions for their very own profit.

And that income share plan would persist for the lifetime of the participant. Practice or success at social games does not imply future success at real money gambling.

All Rights Reserved. Welcome to the home of free-to-play poker. Get 35K welcome chips, plus more every 4 hours! First-place prizes of up to 1 Billion chips!

Choose from three Leader Boards. More tourneys, new formats and bigger guarantees! Special Offers.

Bewerten Sie PokerStars wie schon 1 Kunden vor Ihnen! Noch mal, ich rate allen von Poker Stars ab!!! Bitte lasst es!!! nützlich 4 Pokerstars ist rigged. Pokerstars is rigged. Gefällt 2 Mal. main goal of this page is to show everyone pokerstars is matter how good you play,if they dont want you to. Gemäss Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung hätte der Favorit in Die hocken dann halt an 10 oder mehr Tischen gleichzeitig und machen read article einem schwierig, nach Abzug vom Rake noch zu Geld verdienen zu können. Das hier hat mit einem realen Pokerspiel nix zu tun. Kann ich nicht empfehlen. Bis jetzt können wir jedoch nur Hände mit bekannten Holecards sondieren und das Board mit ihnen auf übereinstimmungen prüfen. Team PokerStars. Die verdienen ihr Geld immer, so oder so. Ich meine ich gönne es keinen aber irgendwann werden alle auf die Schnauze fallen. Natürlich würde nicht so Betrogen werden, weil das Fällt auf. Keine Auszahlung Pokerstars ist eigentlich in Ordnung aber sobald ich auszahlen wollte bekam ich jetzt schon seit congratulate, Havanna Wiesbaden commit Wochen keine Rückmeldung.

Beware of going anywhere near this often highly lauded site. They have no interest in you whatsoever once you sign up.

They let you deposit and then freeze your account. Then they ignore you for as long as they can. Their next move is you can only send the aforementioned documentation passport id,utility bill etc through to them by going to a page on your account but the thing is you cant log in because your account is frozen for security reasons.

Hence they keep your funds hoping you get so frustrated that you just go away. I must say that in all my years i have never experienced such bad customer service.

And finally it is very hard to get any of the governing bodies to listen to you as their legal team have the company set up in away that there are layers and layers of protection for them.

I started playing online poker since the Coronavirus started just to pass time and instantly became addicted.

Needless to say, I thought I had this whole poker thing down. Eventually, as time passed I became the player at the end of a lot of bad beats and terrible hands.

Every time I would lose my money, I would redeposit thinking I'm a smarter and more strategic player.

Lol there's no amount of understanding for the game of poker that can prepare you for players who goes all-in with a 76 different suits to your pocket jacks After having played on PokerStars for about 2 weeks now its blatantly obvious that this site profits off giving players crazy wins on the river to feed their rush and excitement for the game.

This quote taken from another review perfectly illustrates why they rig hands. Poker is tapping into our dopamine receptors in the first place and the 5 card set ups are just elevating that scenario to the next level.

Please stay away from online poker. From one degenerate to another. They gave me a surprise of 3 billion chips about a year ago but no matter how careful I played I kept going down.

I now play k games and it is rare for a spin and go to pay out even money for the 3 players in the game, frequently it is k pay out and it is extremely rare to get even 1.

All other sites ive played seems more legit, but its impossible to prove this. I would say, online poker is great!

Just play somewhere else than Pokerstars. Although I was playing all the time I was awake, I just won 12 tickets and overal won peanuts so those 2 weeks cost me a lot of money.

What occurred to me, is that I did win a nice amount of money at the start in a 2days event too, looking back on it, I clearly see the manipulation of it, just like in the win a ticket scam, one of the times I've tried 3 times to win a ticket through a shootout where 16 players start with chips and each time I ended up closer to the ticket.

Usually I was just a sponsor in rebuy tourneys a player said that when he thought I was gone after being kicked out without a ticket ofcourse , from the 12 tickets I did win, a few were paid already through the many rebuys and some at least half of the entry prize, I felt cheated many times, especially because every entrance with a ticket, I was out really soon within two to twenty pots, most other ticketplayers finished before reaching the money too , but never got a real chance to build a big stack because of mostly shithands and no match with any playable hand.

Did see best match with donkhands like 2 and 8o that I folded though, happened often, that's why I played those too when my stack could afford it but as usual no match of course only when I folded them.

Could be that I am bad at playing poker, pokerstars made me feel like I truly am a bad pokerplayer many times, almost brainwashed me with their mindfuck, but then I wouldn't be able to win any tourney, would I?

Another thing that stroke me eversince I started to find out what I am doing wrong or should change in my way of play , is that players from the same countries usually win the big ger tourneys, Brazil and Russia mostly, several people replied that it's because those are the biggest countries so most players at pokerstars, that they play the most hands I do too so can't be a reason , after I said that in chat, suddenly other countries ended up first place, several times even dutch players I often missed them at ft so I started marking them with a colour , it might be coincidence but I know that pokerstars do follow chats, as a coworker said himself last night at ft when a player asked him if he follows his great play at his table, he most probably was just joking but I'm sure the co worker was not.

Their own pokerstarspro L. I know that they all are not billionares because such people usually are too busy counting their money so don't play poker but they do have a real nice amount of money in their bankaccount, otherwise they would be too excited too just chitchat as if ending up 9, 8 or 7th place would make no real difference, of course they want to end up first place, but has more to do with their ego, wanting to be seen as the best instead of being able to realize things that one never thought would be able too.

After the first 10 hands in any tourney, I know if I stand a chance to reach at least itm. Bluffing does work and can make a big change but never ever is enough to reach itm or even win a tourney especially because of so many donkplayers in any tournament, even in the expensive ones and especially during events , only enough best matches can make it possible.

I could add more but think it's a lot already for now so I won't but I do add my emailadres because I think it's easier to reply to than at this website which I think is a wonderful one because it gives anyone a chance to say what they think about pokerstars.

If it's not allowed to share emailadresses, I think it's a shame and weird, but in that case, take it out and post the story as told without emailadress, thank you!

Don't know if rigged is correct. With no concrete proof, only observation, it seems to me Poker Starts is definitely invested in putting a lot of big hands together so as to increase pot size.

I also see what looks like an over abundance of big hands 4 of a kind, etc. See a lot of players sticking and hitting the river but could be attributed to PS is free, doesn't actually cost anything to go all in, Just perspective.

I am playing for about 1,5 year at pokerstars now andI think they've put me on a black list or so because in chat I say that pokerstars is rigged as hell, that they are thieves and even told them that they must be criminal through mail so lately I even can't win a ticket anymore because I mostly get just shit matches and bad beats.

At the same time I see same players win tickets and real nice prizes at tourneys while if I get itm, again and again I win just peanuts considering amount of money that I've already spend there , from the once in awhile's that I get itm, I usually am kicked out before the next stage of winning a few dollars more.

I keep playing there only to add prove to already thousands of screenshots I already have and emails too because I think that we should really expose that huge criminal organisation!

Are there more people that want to do what's right? Somebody got to expose them and the more people with or without prove , the easier it will be to prove that Pokerstars is a huge scam!!

Thank you! So, instead of having 1 good player winning usd and a donk losing usd, they prefer to have 2 players in the same situation.

PS also use the "maximum bet opportunity" strategy, it's very easy to give hands that will end in all-in and fast eliminations of players.

The supposed random is a contradiction itself, as result of a mathematial process, it will never be a real random, and, most important, is very easy for them to control it.

So, for all the people who says "there's no reason for PS to rig the game" well, they have a lot of reasons to do that, but mainly is just one: money PS is clearly rigged and there's no doubt about it.

Im on a two day run of about 25 bad beats in a row. Runner runner constantly. Ive been playing online poker for 13 years, and ive never seen a site where bad beats are beyond common.

Constant 4 card flush and 4 card straight boards. This site is a joke. I once made the mistake of e-mailing PS to question their claim of random dealing.

They wrote back and said I must never contact them again about this. Sounded like they are well aware of their evil methods.

Ever since then I easily determined that I was placed on a 'guaranteed loser' computer list. The board cards are so unrandom as to be ridiculous.

Of course nothing in my hand is helped by the board. I just gave up, watching my opponents mostly the Russians hit every hand.

You can't beat a game when the dealer has their thumb on the scale. One example - I am dealt offsuit as many as 5 times in a single game, and no less than twice in every game I've ever played.

Mostly in the big blind. I kept track of this for a while but stopped when it was obvious. Another site that is heavily critized.

Yes yes yes The actual games and outcomes are rigged in a way to class as random and in such a way it passes as legitimate gameplay god knows where 2.

Players accounts are manipulated by skill level ,behaviours,bankroll,playing time All can have computer programmes deciding predictions and outcomes in favour or against again if you didnt understand anything can be programmed the code just doesn't make itself someone has to sit there and type it in ,they can add anything even make it undetectable Im not an upset player from bad beats yeh ive had them but im good player i lost more on the casino than the poker table i usually make final tables Just stay away from adding any big money and play for fun Ive lost money the hard way dont do the same!!

Electronic gambling is a complete fraud Oh and i have a degree in computing and can write code and know whats possible and you speak of Russians yeh they probably know the computer programming coding and id say pokerstars has bots anyway playing to boost player numbers and i guess as long as they dont win money they probably legal - i dont know about really that just wouldn't put it past them its possible Just dont deposit if you can and play for fun its not a legitimate site and thats the truth.

What to expect on PS one might wonder? You see all these pros endorsing their business and you think it's the perfect place to make millions online.

So you join their site, thinking that is legit and truly, but truly random, after all, this must be a legit business, one may think.

For starters, there are two types of players : The fish and the shark. As it's a zero-sum game, there are no in-betweens, one gains what others loose.

NOTE: All sharks do fishy plays from time to time! Especially online. Since it's already, it's about 'balancing' your fishing range in position and whatnot.

If you were to run PS and have users joining today, which side of variance would you send them to? Depending on your initial investment, you'll see your bankroll growing quickly during your first sessions.

Let's say you double your roll in a matter of days. It gets to the point you start to feel confident about yourself so you decide to play more.

But then, all of a sudden, you lose your initial deposit and think it must be the fact that you're still.. So you deposit again, And there's Luck.

One gambler can say his gambling career was a success if good luck overpasses bad luck in the long run of his life. Then we have the sharks, people that know what they're doing in general and have specific tactics for multiple situations.

So we have the fishes and the sharks all set-up in a gambling online environment. In an online business environment. The word business is key here because businesses tend to maximize profits while diminishing costs.

The word business is described as a settle between two or more parts, in which everyone takes a fair share.

So for pokerstars to be a successful company, it needs their clients to make money. And that's why is the perfect scene for online businesses to try and maximize their profits.

One may think it's natural but if one could see all the busting hands from a single tournament, then it will become obvious to see the shady patterns going on.

We all know the probability of a fish beating the shark but what happens when the shark meets another shark?? This is where things get interesting, because we're talking about 2 solid players going after each other.

You might not even be a shark yourself, just playing tight for a couple of orbits, then you see all these high pairs being dealt.

At the exact same time. You're sitting with red Queens,a Q and a Q, one shoves in front of you with Jacks, which causes excitement as you see an opportunity and the big blind wakes up behind with pocket Kings.

You as a shark feel excited at first, then completely disgusted to see the scenario for your Queens. It really doesn't matter what the flop may come, it's absurd and utterly ridiculous to bait players out like this.

It can happen from time to time, sure, but on pokerstars it happens way too often. Even if your red Queens do get there vs JJ and KK, you feel miserable for being in a bad spot in the first place!

But don't worry, you won't get the opportunity to feel "miserable" on sucking out some random dude because you won't get there.

In , people on pokerstars are playing the software, not their cards nor the player. You often see rags at showdown shoving from UTG and guess what, the timing was right!

Sure, the best hand doesn't win all the time, but this happens hours in after the tourney started.

We have players that are playing the software somehow knowing what kind of cards are coming. You all may be familiarized with the concept of so called Random Neuropshycotic Generator.

No program which is made by man and uses algorhythms to create randomness can be truly random. That 2nd something is called user input. I mean cmon this is outrageous.

Let's play live poker and whoever snorts the most cocaine after the flop is dealt, will get access to turn and river magic cards.

Back when i learned the basics of poker, i didn't know there is a trick i could to with my mouse to improve my statistical chances of winning a hand.

So what may one understand after reading a long and unbiased review? Well you could definitely understand that it is rigged against you. Either you're a shark or a complete amateur.

It's rigged to create the illusion that you can win, at first, then it bounces right back to reality, only to care about your depositing profile.

If the sharks won most of the money, then the money would be drawn from the site, which would cause a decrease in rake-generating process across site.

It is designed to reward bad plays and bad players. That's why consistent winning players struggle to get to a single final table in MTTs.

I like to think at it as a psychological warfare. The software is designed to encourage bad plays and if you miss your spot with a marginal hand, you're pretty much fucked the rest of the tourney.

Software detects you are not being aggro enough and adapts to your playstyle. Couple of hands later you are dealt red Queens as in the situation described before.

And yet, is the human greed which brings us back to their tables, thinking something has dramatically changed and good decision will pay in the long run.

Yeah i get it, but better for who? Better for the players that are still loosers but have a somewhat smaller loss, better for the players who were struggling to get out of break-even runbad or for that one almight who has already crushed the games and now is crushing even harder?

Be smart, don't try to be greedier than pokerstars, cause if you do so, they'll outsmart you in the end with their so called Random Carrots Shoving Up your Ass.

Don't waste your life chasing k a month on this greasy algorhythm, it will get you in the end. Unless you like being bend-over, stay away!

Show this message to others and let them know what to expect! Peace out. I confirm that point, that's what has happened to me, first time and everytime I came back to the site.

What happened to me was possible, just as possible as me winning the lottery that's why I do have doubts.

So it worked after hundred of hands, even thousands. However, at no point, would I have more than 4 wins in a row.

But 20 losses in a row, yes, and that happened 3 times. It's mathematiclly possible, however extremely rare.

My opinion was ok, they have a formula on this to make the player lose. I got back to my poker, and from that very date I keep losing, lower hands keep beating me.

Straight the same. If I win a difficult hand, the very next one AA vs 82 will kill me. I cannot win a hand like I used to for more than 15 years!

I used to have a slow increasing winning curve, but since the blackjack thing, forget it. As soon as they see you losing some money on the casino, they make you lose the poker everyday thinking the guy is going to go back right away on the casino to lose more.

I can't speak for the real money part of the Poker Stars but I can on the play money part. I have been playing here for over two years now and I have kept logs.

Going for over blinds without a pair doesn't even happen in live poker. I have had this happen several times over the two years with the longest streak at just over hands and the average at over plus.

Also getting beat on the river over one to two dozen times in a row on several occasions and three times by the same player.

This mainly happens on Zoom poker but has also happened on KO tournaments and in regular tournaments. I know this is a play money site but the odds of these things happening this many times in a row has to be astronomical.

When you have pocket aces and are all in and someone calls with J 8 off suit and hits a full house on the river on you its a bad beat.

If the same player does this to you on several hands in an hour then I say that the player in question has to be a bot or part of the Poker Stars site.

Would like to know if others have dealt with the same issues. I have four people in my family right here in my home that play on pokerstars.

I had almost three million in chips and my husband had almost six million is his and my daughters has far less but my husband I both buy ships.

We were logging in each day and topping of our chips and each time we did we checked to see how much we had in play chips. Then one day we logged as usual and all four of us had way less then we had the day before.

I only had a million and something left and my husband had around three hundred thousand left it all and each of my daughters had a lot less as well.

When we wrote them about it they said the chips were put in our accounts by mistake which is a lie. We use to like playing poker there but not anymore.

Now they will not answer at all when we email them. What can we do? Why is the goverment not doing anything? Why are they getting away with such oubvious fraud How are they fooling soooo many millions of people.

Yes, pokerstars is a scam! I selected I only want to play free or micro buy-in games, an they display expensive games mixed in there, with the same name as free games, written in the area of the free games, with the same color, same font, same size.

You'd never know it's not free!! That's bad faith! That's a scam! I realized that I had just witnessed the 4th flop in a row where all three community cards were the same suit.

I thought to myself It is very rare that you see 3 of the same suit come down on the flop. Does it happen?

But 4x in tournament, no, let alone 4x in a row? Then I noticed another strange occurrence. It seemed like I saw a paired board on every other hand.

Again not an impossible thing to see but not a regular occurrence either, by any stretch. Then I kept noticing those two variances were happening constantly, during every tournament I was playing.

It got so bad that I started logging how often I saw the, "flush flop", as I've been calling them , and the "paired board" as well.

Over the course of a 66 hand MTT 43 of those hands were either a "flush flop" flop consisting of 3 cards all of the same suit or a "paired board" a pair of any of the cards occurs through either the flop, turn or river.

That's almost exactly two thirds of the hands dealt. If you've noticed similar activity. You're not crazy.

PS is engineering hands for action. I recently join pokerstars made a deposit and suddenly after about a hour they suspended my account for banking detail problems, they said it would be very quick maybe only minutes.

But it has now been 8 days they do not answer any emails and I can not withdraw my funds. I think this is a new scam from them, what can you do if no one answers emails?

If I knew it was this bad I would have stayed far away from Pokerstars. If not we will have no recourse but to initiate a complaints with the governing body The International Federation of Match Poker that handles online poker.

Allan Love They refused to comply with my request. Disgusting company. If I could give zero stars I would.

Avoid this site at all costs. Relentless bad beats, runner runner constantly. As a mathematician and a poker player, I can confirm without question that most, if not all, online poker games are rigged, in a similar fashion to slot machines.

This includes all the poker games on the Android Play and Windows10 app store. The whole 'Random Number Generator' certification thing is a scam of itself.

Google and Microsoft are well aware of this, but they seem the least bit concerned. In truth, it's quite easy to do random generations, just ask any programmer.

Software is rigged and deals cards based on your hand-history and position on table. It deals winning cards to small or big blind, so when player from the button or before position shoves or raises, SB or BB will win the hand.

Best position to call shoves is on the small blind. If you are holding for example 10 6 suited, you have big chance to win the hand, even against AK or AQ that opponents have, because they are blocking each other's cards.

Just play basic poker, follow rule that avoid all play against SB and BB and you will be fine. Relax, wait for your spot and pick up players with small stack of chips.

Bought a top up at my local shop 15 digit voucher thing anyway didnt work got in touch with live chat they try and fob me off before blocking and freezing my account no swearing no argument just blocked me for asking where my money was wont be back.

This is what they have written on their website -- Glossary Random Number Generator RNG : a system, device or module that creates a sequence of apparently unrelated numbers.

So my question is - how in the hellava world can you claim something being totally random when its a obvious lie and not true?

He explains that software tracks us every second, learns our movements and only then as a 2nd part of shuffle deals the cards..

Come on? Fuck off Its amazing how you can win by working out odds at live tables and be a wining player but here at JokerStars you lose literally everything you can throw at them.

Scammers and should be gone, government should be all over them. Its an obvious win. Besides all of that - how can we forget a fact that ShitStars have already broken laws in USA and got fucked the out ere'.

Let's boycott them together, bit by bit they will start feeling pain. Or maybe an end? Wish I could give them a zero rating.

Tried to tell me they had given me play chips and had to take them back. They never gave me anything, I won those at the table. Now that they charge for play chips, they are taking them from accounts so you have to pay to play.

I have asked for a complete accounting since I open my account with them. Watch out people, they will steal from you. I had million chips had just placed in a tourney that paid 30 million play money.

They wont talk to me just saying that they had over credited my account. They would not tell me why or even why they left me with less chips then I had just won.

This is poor business. I have no use for them anymore. The odds on that are insane! It is designed to bilk you dry!!! You have been warned.

I'm pretty sure the random number generator they use bases it's decision on the cards pre-flop. So for example If its AK vs JJ the software decides there and then who's going to win by the end and then generates cards based on that, giving the game more action and excitement.

Personally I don't mind. I'd say if you're a cash player then stay clear! If you're a tournament player then yeah it's a lot of fun x. I used to play on Ultimate Bet, got some firsts there, won some money, this would be back in or so.

Now I try out pokerstars, reviews say it is the hardest poker site to win on but is the most popular by far. My plan is to get bankrolled and move upwards.

At first all I can do is win! My bankroll increases, I notice some phony bad beats that go in my favor, I choose to learn from them.

I make note of the patterns involved. A week down the road I begin losing, the bad beats begin to be on me, I learn harder.

I learn people use HUDs to detect leaks in game play and to tighten up strategies and that the majority of fish are not aware of this technology.

I decide to evolve my game play to become unpredictable so that HUDs can not nail me down. This involves folding certain valued hands when I feel something isn't right, raising with garbage, flat calling with the nuts.

I begin to hit final tables using no HUD software. However, after a month of switching up my routines my non-routines become a routine and I begin losing.

I get a HUD. See the Special Offers page for more. PokerStars has the widest selection of Play Money tournaments in online poker.

Every player has the chance to win prizes, entry to live events and major online tournaments. PokerStars gives away more rewards than any other poker site.

Join millions of PokerStars users around the world and prove your skills. Our games are intended for individuals aged 18 and above for amusement purposes only.

These games do not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money. Practice or success at social games does not imply future success at real money gambling.

All Rights Reserved. Welcome to the home of free-to-play poker. Get 35K welcome chips, plus more every 4 hours! First-place prizes of up to 1 Billion chips!

Choose from three Leader Boards.

Pokerstars Rigged - Poker Blog eines professionellen Pokerspielers

Ich spiele seit 15 Jahren nebenberuflich Poker und habe schon einige Erfolge, sowohl im Live- als auch im Onlinebereich, einfahren können und mir so einen netten Nebenverdienst erwirtschaftet. Am Besten hatte mir noch FullTilt gefallen, aber da haben se mein Geld behalten. Ein paar Tage später. Pokerstars Rigged

Pokerstars Rigged - 13 Antworten

Bin etwas verwirrt Also ich muss sagen das ich vor 2 Wochen einen mega Lauf hatte. Was in Gottes Namen soll den Stars davon haben seine Spieler zu betrügen? Und nochmals: Poker Stars ist nicht rigged. Pokerstars oder auch Riverstars Pokerstars oder auch Riverstars. Beim Pokern kann es nicht in so please click for source Händen unter realen Umständen solche Zufälle geben. Click PokerStars. Und Du solltest Dir überlegen ob Du das Ganze publik machen willst oder ob Du einfach profitieren willst, solange Beste Spielothek in Schafhof finden noch geht. Keine Auszahlung Pokerstars ist eigentlich in Ordnung aber sobald ich auszahlen wollte bekam ich jetzt schon seit drei Wochen keine Rückmeldung. Ich spiele seit online Poker und seit Live Poker. Ja, im Poker gewinnen nur die wenigsten und auch Live kommen die unglaublichsten Hände zustande. Wenn ihr Poker Spielen wollt dann lieber Live dann seht ihr Faber Lotto Unterschied, wenn ich daran denke wie oft ich heute abend Bingo Online Kaufen Ass auf dem Flop gesehen hab, ich meine ganz erlich das Deck hat nur in finden Spielothek Beste Gaugshausen Asse aber es kam mir vor als hätte es 10 oder mehr. Natürlich würde nicht so Betrogen werden, weil das Fällt auf. Dennoch glaube ich das irgendwo im System klein wenig am Rädchen gedreht wird. Da läuft mir plötzlich ein sehr bekannter Deutscher Pokerspieler über den Weg Name nenne ich nicht. Liebe Pokergemeinde. Pokerstars ist volle Verarschung selbst bei den Pokertischen. Beanspruchen Sie jetzt Ihr kostenfreies Unternehmensprofil, um wertvolle Erkenntnisse aus Kundenfeedback zu gewinnen und Ihre Bewertungen zu beantworten. Wie können Ihnen helfen? Alle Hände wurden mit PokerTracker festgehalten und durch ein eigens geschriebenes Programm analysiert. Poker anytime, anywhere - Play a full range of games on the PokerStars app - directly on your device! After watching my account depleted repeatedly, I started to document my play. As soon visit web page they see you losing some money on the casino, they make you lose Beste Spielothek in Schafhof finden poker everyday thinking the guy is going to go back right away on the casino to lose. And finally it is very continue reading to get any of the governing bodies to listen to you as their legal team have the company set up Bekommen Drops Cs Go away that there are layers and layers of protection for. What was devastating is that I hit an ace on the flop but my opponent knocked me out by rivering a third read article. Disgusting company. Did see best match with donkhands like 2 and Www.Baden.At that I folded though, happened often, that's why I played those too when my stack could afford it but as usual no match of course only when I folded. Total BS

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Rigged - Online Poker Session w/ Wes Cutshall - Poker Vlog

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